Creative employees thrive when remote

It's hard to examine patients without meeting them. Performing scientific experiments without a lab ain't easy too. But software development? Just get a laptop, and you're good to go!

Many industries require intellect and creativity but no special equipment or physical presence in a specific place. The most obvious example here is IT. So why were knowledge workers stuck in the office for all those years before the pandemic? Well, mainly because it was the status quo, and management feared to change it. Also, the software for remote collaboration wasn't as mature at that time.

The global experiment has proved that remote work is a viable model, and technology advanced to make it even better. We believe it should be the default for creative employees because it greatly benefits them and their organizations.

Increase in productivity

Creative work requires focus and calmness. Open space office is in complete contradiction. Supposedly it was meant to simplify collaboration and knowledge sharing, but in reality, it simplifies mostly joking and gossiping. Doing actual work in this environment is a challenge. It's a no-brainer that the place most adapted for your peace is your own apartment.

Improved collaboration

No matter on-site or remote, the actual job looks very similar. You mostly work independently and sync with colleagues via Slack / MS Teams, which has the benefit of documenting your teamwork for the future. When remote workers need a collaboration-heavy session, modern software provides an experience identical to being in the same room but without disturbing the work of other open space members.

Fulfilling breaks

It's hard to stay productive without taking breaks. Your home provides you with a dozen of possibilities to relax. In the office, usually, you are left with just one - going to the kitchen. But drinking way too much coffee and chatting with randos isn't energizing for everyone.

Better health

Let's be honest, food from the office cafeteria is trash. And cooking great dishes at home only to pack them in plastic and ruin them completely in a microwave is frustrating. Eating healthy in the office isn't easy for anyone, not to mention people with health issues. Now compare it with working from home, when you can have a fresh meal every day.

Happier family life

From today's perspective, it feels absurd that we used to commute two hours daily. Reading the whole Internet on your smartphone makes you realize you can utilize time better. Why not invest it in your relationship or kid?

Location independence

Companies have a hard time competing for specialists. Why hinder it even more by restricting their hunt to specific locations? When remote, companies can hire from other cities or even abroad, thus finding top talents, not to mention improving diversity and inclusion. Correspondingly, it enables workers to live in nicer and more affordable neighborhoods.

There is more! Other benefits include generating huge savings for companies by reducing office space or healing the environment by not commuting.

Let's face it. We're not living in the 1990s anymore! It's time to abandon this obsolete mentality. Nowadays, you can perform creative work from anywhere. And working from home provides a host of benefits.

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